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Mistresa High-temperature Mist Compatible Series ( CRH )

The Mistresa collects oil mist that is generated by machine tools in machining worksites to maintain a comfortable working environment. Removing oil mist from the air helps protect worker health, and also stops secondary negative effects such as oil accumulating on the floor that can cause falls.
The CRH is a high-temperature-mist compatible (up to 80℃) series equipped with safety-enhancing explosion-proof motors. Optimal choice for components cleaners
For details, see our online catalog.
Online Catalog

Online Catalog

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Installation Examples
Components Cleaner
1. Compatible with high-temperature mist (up to 80℃)
Designed so that the motor section is outside the machine proper, it is capable of suctioning high-temperature mist up to 80℃.
2. Simple, safe maintenance
The filter can be changed while the duct hose is still attached. (CRH-04E, 07E, 15E only)
3. Corrosion-resistant coating
The impeller is protected by an epoxy coating that prevents rusting.
4. CE compatible
At customer request, we can build CE specification products. (CRH-100T, CRH-200T only)
Components cleaners (water-based/hydrocarbon-based cleaning agents) / Other (machinery that generates mist)
※ The series is able to suction mist of Class II and Class III petroleums within Category IV of the hazardous materials classification. However, mist temperatures must be below the ignition point.
Suitable for applications other than those listed above. Please feel free to let us know your own requirements.
Standard Specifications

Model explained

Swype Swype
Model ( → Model explained ) CRH-100T CRH-100E CRH-200T CRH-200E CRH-04E CRH-07E CRH-15E
Power Supply Three phase 50Hz200V 60Hz200V/220V
Output (kW) 0.2 0.4 0.75 1.5
Motor Specification Totally enclosed fan cooled type Safety-enhancing explosion proof type Totally enclosed fan cooled type Safety-enhancing explosion proof type
Frequency (Hz) 50/60/60
Current (A) 1.2/1.1/1.0 2.0/1.8/1.7 3.3/3.1/2.8 6.2/5.8/5.4
Maximum Airflow m3/min 2.1/2.4 2.7/3.2 4.8/5.7 7.6/9.2 13.6/16
Maximum Static Pressure (kPa) 0.30/0.42 0.50/0.73 0.82/1.18 1.05/1.48 1.47/2.08
Noise ※1 Machine side1m dB(A) 56/60 59/63 58/64 63/66 68/72
Collection Efficiency (%) 99.4 (Heavy oil mist)
Maximum Intake Temperature (℃) 80
Weight (kg) 13 20 26 37 57
Intake Port Size (mm) ∅98 ∅123 ∅148
Ambient Temperature (℃) MAX.40
Coating Colors Main unit N-8 (white)、side covers, etc. 2.5PB 3.5/10 (blue)、frame N-1 (black)
Mist Type water-soluble/oil mist
Standard accessory Drain tube 2.5 m x 2 / Vibration damping pad x 4 / Hose band (for drain tube) x 2 / Installation hole pattern x 1 / Duct mounting flange / Gasket x 1 set
※1 Noise can change depending on usage environment and conditions
Model -
Phases -
Output (kW) -
Frequency (Hz) -
Noise (dB(A)) -
Weight (Kg) -
Intake Port Size (㎜) -
Maximum Intake Temperature (℃) -
50Hz Maximum Airflow (m3/min) -
Maximum Static Pressure (kPa) -
60Hz Maximum Airflow (m3/min) -
Maximum Static Pressure (kPa) -
Collection Efficiency (%) -
Successor Model -
Model explained
Model explained
Swype Swype
Item Name   CRH-100T CRH-100E CRH-200T CRH-200E
Primary filter Model 3K1-170A
Product Code 10002567
Secondary filter Model 3K2-130B 3K2-133A
Product Code 10002573 10002574
Tertiary filter Model 3K3-715A  
Product Code 10002580  
Tertiary filter Model   3K3-270A
Product Code   10002581
End Filter Model 3K4-180A  
Product Code 10002587(Metal Filter)  
End Filter Model   3K4-240A
Product Code   10002588
Swype Swype
Item Name   CRH-04E CRH-07E CRH-15E
Primary/Secondary Filter Model 3K12-300R 3K12-350R 3K12-420R
Product Code 10006491 10006498 10006501
End Filter Model 3K4-240A 3K4-315A 3K4-400A
Product Code 10002588 10002590 10003524
※ Primary, secondary, tertiary, and end filters can be washed and reused.
We offer a wide array of options so you can optimize your setup.
Comparison Table of Models
Filter type (non-explosion proof)
Swype Swype
Output (kW) 1994/4 to 1995 to 2009/12
(0.4 to 1.5KW)
2009/4 to 2015/3
(0.4 to 1.5KW)
2015/4 to 2017/3 2017/1 to
0.2 CRH-100T, CRH-200T
0.4 CRH-400T CRH-04T CRH-H04 CRMH-H04-S23
0.75 CRH-750T CRH-07T CRH-H07 CRMH-H07-S23
1.5 --- CRH-1500T CRH-15T CRH-H15 CRMH-H15-S23
2.2 --- CRH-H22 CRMH-H22-S23
※ Adapter required to install after filter From November 2001, CRH-100T output was changed from 0.1 kW to 0.2 kW. Main fitting dimensions are not changed (excluding CRN-H15B). Main unit dimensions are different. New models use a multi-type collection method, so combinations other than those shown above are possible.
About Piping
1.Duct hose material
Duct hose lifespan is affected by the type of mist being suctioned. We recommend oil-resistant duct hoses.
2. Intake duct piping
① Use easy-to-maintain, vibration damping flexible ducts (optional part).
② When laying out ducts, ensure there is an adequate length without downward sagging.
Intake duct piping
③ For easy mating of ducts, use duct mounting flanges (accessory).
④ When the intake port is placed close to the mist source, large quantities of mist, chips, and dust are suctioning into the machine. This can cause overspill leaks and clogging of the filter and demister. Move the intake port a short distance from the source (about 500 mm), or use a collision plate to prevent overspill leaks and the clogging of the filter or demister.
Intake duct piping
3. Drain tube piping
① Always use a liquid seal on the intake side. (Failure to use a liquid seal will cause air to be drawn in via the end of the drain tube and cause a reverse airflow that will prevent discharge. This forces the airflow to the next filter and thus speeding up clogging.)
② Do not connect the intake-side and discharge-side drain tubes.
③ Be sure to leave the discharge side open to the outside air. (If the drain tube is not open to the outside air, discharge will be impaired and the contents may instead accumulate inside the main unit.)
④ Drain pipes not connecting drain tubes should be sealed with a plug or similar.
Intake duct piping
For Your Safety
● Do not install in dangerous locations
The Mistresa is not built as a pressure-resisting, explosion-proof device. When operated in locations with explosive gases present, motor burnout may ignite the gases, causing an explosion.
● To avoid fires and explosions
Do not attempt to suck up explosive gases, organic solvents, or flames.
● To avoid fires and electric shock
Mistresa wiring installation must be performed by a qualified electrician in accordance with electrical equipment technical standards and internal wiring regulations.
● Do not perform maintenance/inspections while operating
All fans should be stopped before attempting to replace filters or perform inspections.
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