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Large Pulse-Jet Series ( CF )

Unlike dust collectors with mechanical dust dislodging systems, pulse jet types can be kept running continuously. A pulse jet of air instantly dislodges trapped dust. This is repeated at set intervals, enabling the machine to continuously collect dust at a steady rate. The CF-F type uses a cylindrical filter while the CF-P type uses a chrysanthemum-shaped filter.
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1. Repeated use of compressed air instantly and effectively dislodges dust during operation. This provides stable and continuous operation with minimal pressure loss or airflow variance.
2. The dust dislodging cycle and compressed air pulse timing can be easily configured according to the dust volume.
3. Uses large air tanks to ensure steady pulse jet performance.
4. Filters are positioned to reduce re-adherence of dust, helping to ensure that dislodged dust stays dislodged as much as possible.
1. Powder processing (conveying, feeding, mixing, stirring, bagging, weighing, sealing, etc.) / Sanding / Buffing / Sandblasting / Polishing / Other
2. Powder processing equipment / Textile machinery / Casting equipment / Transportation devices / Polishing machines / Specialized machine tools / Steelmaking / Ceramic industry equipment / Dust collection plants / Other
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