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Products   Fans & Blowers
Steel electric blowers from 0.4kW to 300kW.
We produce all types of electric blowers, direct acting motor type, directly coupled driven motor type and belt driven type etc.
Turbo Fan & Blower Turbo Fan & Blower
Efficient, low-noise level, Multipurpose for air flow and static pressure.

Air Foil Fan Air Foil Fan
A type of a turbo fan with an air foil blade which shape is like a bird”Ēs wing. It is the most effective and reduces noise considerably.
Sirocco Fan Sirocco Fan
Multi blade fan is the smallest centrifugal fan for producing regular air flow.
Plate Fan Plate Fan
Simple structured fan blades are suitable for extracting the air containing dust or fine particles.
Axial fan with a variable pitch Axial fan with a variable pitch
Varying a mounting angle for the blades exercises a variety of performance.