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1950 Started manufacture and sales of small motors as Showa Denki Seisakusho.
1954 Received permission to manufacture electric equipment from MITI. Started production of fans and power tools.
1956 Incorporated as Showa Denki Co., Ltd., with 1 million yen in capital.
1964 Completed Daito Factory in Shinden kita-machi Daito.
1969 Completed fan manufacturing factory in Shinden sakai-machi Daito.
1974 Built lga Factory and started operations there as Showa Furyoku Kikai Co., Ltd.
1975 Received JIS Indication Approved Factory from MITI (No. 574148).
1983 Daito Factory received Osaka MITI Award for Industrial Standardi-zation and Excellence.
1985 Expanded lga Factory. Added 300 kW test system and heat-resistance chamber for fans.
1988 In Daito factory, new office building completion
1989 Daito factory is extended and increased.
1992 Tokyo branch new office building completion
1997 Daito factory Mistresa CE marking declaration
1998 Nagoya branch new office building completion
1999 Daito factory ISO9001 authentication acquisition
2000 Iga factory ISO9001 authentication acquisition
2004 Daito Factory / Iga Factory Acquisition of ISO14001 certification New factory building of Daito Factory completed, Okayama Sales Office opened
2008 New building of Kanazawa Sales Office completed
2012 Built SHOWADENKI (THAILAND)CO.,Ltd. and started operations in Thailand
2013 Kyoto sales office is opened
2016 Showa Furyoku Kikai Co.,Ltd. changed the company's name to Showa Denki Iga Co.,ltd.